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Kint98.com World Wide Radio Show Archives

Kint98.com has the most music genre's from various shows we produce.  This page updates frequently as to provide you the BEST music variety.
All broadcasts are sponsored  in order to bring you this FREE service.  Please support them as this service
would not be possible without them. We thank you for listening.
(Disclaimer Notice: Since these are archived recordings obtained from LIVE broadcasts, any contests or promotions you may hear in these recordings are NOT valid).
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! From Your Friends at kint98.com Radio

***(8-18-22)Eric Wilson*Joshua Bertolli*Rosemary Martinez*Lisa Perras*Michael Montano*Tony Sandler*Hector Contreras***(8-17-22)Michael Apodaca*Mitch Whitlock*John Thomas Anderson III*Letisia Figueroa*Daniel Gil***(0-16-22)Lorenzo Bernal*Shabbir Ahmed*Michele Denise Granado*Robert L. Symons***(8-15-22)Antionette Montano*Ligaya Olegario*Crystal Smith*Sandra Cole*Dymond Kingston*Angel Mjelleli***(8-12-22)Tony Toñito Martinez Jr.*Lupe Velasquez*Jerry Hindfelt*Letty Gonzalez*Red Love*Laveda Frietze*Janett Bustamante*Micah Brown(8-11-22)***Laura Tate Goldman*Carlos Janelle*Devota Ryann*Babankz Aguez*Joe Garcin*Justine Cope*Christine Orona(8-10-22)Luz Amparo Payan*Beatriz Ledesma*Christian Rodriguez Ibarra*Charles*Ashley Renee*Richard Contreras*Cyn Yvette Bejarano*Elva Gardea*Indrani Rauth*Fish Enna*Arlen Blaze Ivey***(8-9-22)Stephanie Medina Salazar*Carolyn Hardwick*Phoebe Hardwick***(8-8-22)Amanda Mandie Cervantes*Marvin SG*Tangee Gutierrez*Sudy Tios*Abayomi Adewale*Tangee L. Gonzales*Marck Son*Monu Dwivedi Monu*Emmanuel Koomson*Tammy Avery***(8-5-22)Manuel Martinez*Elsa Rayos-Moraless*EP Curbs*Greg Aceves*Babette Conley*Billy Blair*Jesus Paz***(8-4-22)Keith Mathews*Yvette Aragon*Ashley Hendron*Monica Rivera*Lupe Infante*Vai Jan*Nestor Valencia*Julio Perez Tattz***(8-3-22)Anthony Torrez*Catherine Elizabeth Magni*Angel Rodriguez*Favour Daniel*Jesus Oropeza*Scott Mcbroom*Tish Contreras-Enloe***(8-2-22)Robert Vialpando*Sujey Rosario Villalpando*Victoria Lee Marlowe*Mick Jason*Ruben Zapmyvirus Lopez***(8-1-22)Gregory Phillips*Mallory Skinner*Sofia Garcia*Brenda Hopkins*Larry Garcia*Rafael Armendariz*Deirdre Sandate***(7-29-22)Manuel Canales*Omur Mehmet***(7-28-22)Debbie Janka*Joseph Boy*Carros Antigos*Roland Harger***(7-27-22)Voltaire Nieztsche*Jaime Olivas*Donald Tellez*Rod Crosby*Emmanuel Aldrete*VipNtwork ELp******(7-26-22)Rio Regenerative Med*Dan Chacon*Egilvan Batista*Fernando Olivas*Elvin Lewitt*Rodolfo Robles*Ana Arrunada*Glenn Skelton*Huicho Paw*Roberto Avant-Mier(7-25-22)James Wilkinson*Joe Loya*Anna Marron***(7-22-22)Souvanh Sylasa*Jennifer Lauren Alvarado*Danny Snow***(7-21-22)Valerie Montoya*Francis Villalobos**Joyce Spencer***(7-20-22)Ishwar Lal*Robert Montoya*Penelope Ontiveros*Andy Lee*Allen Bush*Adrian Sanchez***(7-14-22)Kathy DeAngelis*Vicki Icard*Eric Montgomery*Cisco Duran*George Firestick*Michel Assanjou*Jay Arredondo*Billy Crews*Scratch-factory Sound-science*Dee Faith Gonzales*Chuck Eaton***(7-13-22)Maria O Prangner*Kim Rose*Taye Akinloye*Eduardo Maroles*Jorge Macias*Jorge R. Soto*Berry Barry Fasila Sinless*Raul Soto*Dan Alloway*Chang Min***(7-12-22)Jerett Eiland*Marisela Soltero*Allison Friar*Christian Yates*Alex Arroyo Chavez*JamesandKeri Walsh***(7-11-22)Adrian Mata*Linda M Nester*Burna Willie*Dave Petersen*Lola Carlotte*Jesse Goshorn*Louise Becker*Paul Scott*Jessica Gomez*George Ventura*Kristen Kellam***(7-8-22)Hector Gutierrez*Luz Elena Cabral*Anthony Macias*Barbara Castellone*Usher Charl'et***(7-7-22)Jorge Chavez*Andrea Garica*Sophia Porcello*Desirae Manzanares*Spook Mtz*Andrew Richardson*Ana Cristina*Monserrat Pouros*Valerie Garciaa*Marty Martinez*Analiza M. Guzman*Matt Boone*Isabel Guadarrama*Norrin Radd*Vicky Martinez*Hector Velasquez***(7-6-22)Wallace Javier Colmenares*Hailey Laster*Alioum Oumarou*Kilgour Kareem Poppy*Tom Keesing*Mjg Strategies*Jessica Melendez*Christ Le***(7-5-22)Blingo Divaz*Luke Ikard***(7-4-22)Silas Grey*Circle Pawn Channelview*Enos Moje*Emma Escobedo Amaya*Enrique Castillo***(7-1-22)William Griffin*Daniella Presley*Grace Bassey*Gilbert Garcia*Héctor Jiménez*Stephen Jones*John Brandyberry*Silvia Fernandes Eaton***

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            Jess Presents our kint98.com Movie Minute
          MOVIE MINUTE
          Broadcast for 5-13-22

Jess Presents our kint98.com Movie Minute

Broadcast for 5-20-22

Jess Presents our kint98.com Movie Minute

Broadcast for 5-27-22

LIVE Broadcast Monday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebraodcast at 8p.m. (Mountain Time)

LIVE Broadcast Wednesday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebraodcast at 7p.m. (Mountain Time)
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LIVE Broadcast Friday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebroadcast at 5p.m. (Mountain Time)
Text us your song requests for the next Broadcast of this show at
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  Welcome to NEW Rock Mondays COMEDY Hour with Music Miles, and 'Ol Man Winters.
We will be ROCKING your way with the latest rock songs on NEW ROCK Mondays. On this edition we will be featuring new music from:

Bishop Briggs, . . . . .
Two Door Cinema Club . . . . . .
Fame On Fire (feat Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills), . . . . . . .
Muse, . . . . .
The Retaliators, Motley Crew, Asking Alexandria
(Feat. Ice Nine Kills & From Ashes To New), . . . . .
Yeah Yeah Yeahs,....
Panic At The Disco,....
Beach Weather,,,.
r FLASHBACK REWIND takes us to a 1979  Classic Rock Non-Hot 100 UNCHARTED song.
So Join Music Miles and 'Ol Man Winters with great NEW ROCK music, Our CRAZY look at today's news, our Birthday Shoutouts, comedy and more on kint98.com Radio.
Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of the show without the music.
Our FULL broadcast for this show will be on Monday
August 15 at 8 pm (Mountain Time
), ONLY on El Paso's,
kint98.com Radio.
Enjoy the show.
Our LIVE Broadcast was on August 15 at 6a.m. (Mountain Time)
Tune in at: http://kint98radio.radio12345.com/
NEW country music
NEW Country Music & Comedy Show, with Music Miles & Buzz, where we bring you great NEW Country music
for Wednesday, August 17, we are featuring;....

Travis Denning,. . . . . . .
Gabrielle Metz, . . . . . . .
Chase Rice, . . . . . . . . . .
Tebey, . . . . . . . . . . . .
Mike Bridges, . . . . . . .
Hannah Ellis
Dierks Bentley,.....
Our FLASHBACK REWIND is a 1996 song Country Classic at #2 on the charts, 
 Join Music Miles and Buzz with great comedy in the news, our Birthday Shoutouts, and much more on kint98.com Radio.
Go to kint98.com Radio and tune in! ! !
Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of the show without the music....
Our FULL broadcast of this program will be at 7 pm. (Mountain Time) on Wednesday
 August 17,
ONLY on El Paso's, . . .
Kint98.com Radio.
Enjoy the show.
LIVE Broadcast was on August 17, at 6.a.m. (Mountain Time)
Tune in at: http://kint98radio.radio12345.com/
Hi there and welcome to kint98.com Radio.
Join The CRAZY Jay W for the 70s to the 90s Retro Show COMEDY Hour, as he brings you COMEDY, and great retro music from the '70s to the '90s...
CRAZY Jay ROCKS the house with the audience.
Enjoy the Rock Classics as well as his CRAZY look at the news stories, our kint98.com Radio Birthday Shoutouts, and more...
So join in on the fun and laughs, along with our audience, ONLY on kint98.com Radio.
It doesn't get any CRAZIER than this.
Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of the show without the music.
Our FULL broadcast of this show will be on Friday, 
August 12 at 5pm.
(Mountain Time).
Enjoy the show...
 LIVE Broadcast was on August 12 at 6a.m. (MST)
Tune In here: https://kint98radio.radio12345.com/
Beans & Burritos
'50s - '70s Show
Beans & Burritos
919 Fabens Rd.
Fabens, Tx.

LIVE Broadcast Thursday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebroadcast at 8p.m. (Mountain Time)

Sounds Of Soul
LIVE Broadcast Sunday's (10-11)a.m. (Mountain)

Will resume at a later time. TBA

LIVE Broadcast Tuesday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebraodcast at 6p.m. (Mountain Time)

'50s - '70s Show

Welcome to the '50s to the '70s COMEDY SUPER Show, with CRAZY Jay and Music Miles.
CRAZY Jay W and Music Miles bring you COMEDY and great songs from the 50s to the 70s.
So enjoy the Great Nostalgic Memories. and rare classics.
Enjoy the Classics as well as their CRAZY HUMOR in the news also with the audience, our Birthday Shoutouts, and much more..
So join in on the fun with the audience ONLY on kint98.com Radio.
Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of the show without the music.
Our FULL broadcast of this show will be on
 August 18, at 8pm. (Mountain Time);....
ONLY on El Paso's, kint98.com Radio.

Enjoy the Show!!!
LIVE Broadcast was on August 18 at 6a.m. (MST).
Tune in at: http://kint98radio.radio12345.com/
Ghoul Magazine
Ghoul Magazine
Jess interviews Founder Zoe of Ghouls magazine.  A horror magazine from the female perspective as we celebrate International Women's Day.  Learn more about the magazine and check it out at Ghoulsmagazine.com. Enjoy some horror talk....
kint98 internet player
Join Music Miles with the latest in NEW Contemporary Pop, R & B, Techno Dance and more; great new music featuring:

Loud Luxury (Feat. Kiddo),...
Dillon Francis & Illenium (Feat. Evan Gila)
Rosa Lynn,......
Niki Minaj,.......
For King And Country,...
Holly Taymar,....
A Request for Post Malone (Feat. Doja Cat)
PLUS our FLASHBACK REWIND to a 1978 at #8 Classic on the Pop Charts..,.....
Enjoy the music, fun and comedy, our kint98.com Radio friends  Birthday shoutouts and more, only on kint98.com Radio.
Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of the show without the music.
Our FULL broadcast of this show will be on August 16 at, 6pm. (Mountain Time)  ONLY on El Paso's, kint98.com Radio...
Enjoy the show!!!
LIVE Broadcast will be on  August 16 at 6a.m. (MST) Tune in at:

LIVE Broadcast Sunday's (11a.m. - 12 noon)
Will resume at a later time. TBA

With the LOVE Dr. Jay W.
LIVE Broadcast Tuesdays (8-9)p.m. (Mountian)

Will resume at a later time. TBA
Talk and Rock Radio
Talk & Rock Radio (Rick Kern)
Talk and Rock Radio
Host: Rick Kern
Thursday's at 9p.m. (Mountain Time)

Cunningham Distribution

2015 Mills Ave.

El Paso, Tx.


Household Appliances, Stoves, Ovens Plus Heating/

Air Conditionsing & Plumbing Needs

Sun City Cookies

Alpha Motor Sports

5260 Gateway East

El Paso, Tx.


ATV & Motorcycle Center

'50s - '70s Show

CHEEZY SATURDAY'S LIVE Broadcast Saturday's (9-10)a.m. (Mountain Time)


Welcome to The Cheesy Show.
Join Music Miles & Jay W.
with a look at the Bubble Gum Years back in the day of the Teeny Bopper music craze, Classic Commercials, some RARE Cartoon themes you might remember, & more.
Our Rebroadcast of this show will be on August 13 at 7pm.(Mountain Time),..
you can tune in at kint98.com....

LIVE Broadcast was on Saturday August 13 at  9am.

(Mountain Time),...

Enjoy the show...

Tune in at:  https://kint98radio.radio12345.com/

Postage Depot Inc.

12380 Edgemere Blvd.

El Paso, Tx.


FedEx Authorized Shipping Center





















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