How To Submit Your Music Frequently Asked Questions

How To Submit Your Music

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Frequently Asked Questions

We always get questions regarding how to submit your music.

Q: How do I submit my music for Broadcast
A:  supports Independent Artists & Musicians. Send us your music by mp3 email attachment, and in the subject line type in "SONG SUBMISSION".  Also send us any links  and any other information you want mentioned in the broadcast. In the music file name, include the artist & song title. We will contact you when we have received your music. Email your submissions to:


All rights are reserved from the songwriter/composers, singers and bands who submit their music performances to It is's policy to remove any music  if requested by the copyright owners. does NOT own nor sell or give away any music submitted. All musical works are the sole property of their respected owners.

It is's policy to conduct in an appropriate manner in order to protect the performance rights of Independent Artists, Songwriter/Composers, and Musicians. 


Q: Are the songs put in rotation after submission?
A: Yes they are. They are processed and put in rotation in a timely manner.