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Kint98.com World Wide Radio Show Archives

Kint98.com has the most music genre's from various shows we produce.  This page updates frequently as to provide you the BEST music variety.
All broadcasts are sponsored  in order to bring you this FREE service.  Please support them as this service
would not be possible without them. We thank you for listening.
(Disclaimer Notice: Since these are archived recordings obtained from LIVE broadcasts, any contests or promotions you may hear in these recordings are NOT valid).
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! From Your Friends at kint98.com Radio

***(9-28-23)Robyn Robyn*Ian Maldonado*Linda Pyett*Vincent Finnell*Carol Stoehner*Lulu Flores*Dfemog Femi Oginni***(9-27-23)Orelia Piercefield*La Gochie*Carlos Rodriguez*David Grice*Astan Kouma*Reyna Dolores Molina Jamis***(9-26-23)Elva Hudson*Rico Roofing*Sergio Coronado*Jon Julio Escobedo*John Padoven*Vilmar Gonçalves*Jay Namkrow*Abelardo Bernal***(9-25-23)Sergio Fragoso*Timothy Mattingly*Elraza Mexicano*Brian Leplatt*Tabitha Myers*Mubiru Akram*Timothy Mattingly*Jerry G. Sanchez*Eli Martinez***(9-22-23)WinBet Junction*David Adams*Ruben Alvarez*Lisa Myers*Brian Maish*Gil Stewart*Venessa Canalda***(9-21-23)Bella Barrett*Cesar A Zuzunagha*Teresa Legarda*Nona Saiz***(9-20-23)Tanya Borseth*RC Meier*Dan Pearson*Joe Gomez*Octavio Lujan***(9-19-23)Olivia Jospeh*Chaparra Ortiz*Robert Shockley*Bourques Cajun*Akinyo Akeem*Jim Wayne Ketcham*Herencia Chingona De Aztlan*Ismael V Payan*Joe Acuna***(9-18-23)Kathie Seno*John Phillips*More Aroma*Crystal Rivera*Jennifer Munoz***(9-15-23)Amber Lucero*Gel Paray*Tom McMahon*Johnny Angel*Krystyna Robbins*Mirella Olivares*Medicine Show***(9-14-23)Marry Daley*Sarina Matteucci*Yeni Rogrigue*Melissa Lebadi*Princess Laudez Rose*Alonso Garcia***(9-13-23)Hannah Coman*James Holliman*Phuonglinh Tran*Angie RD***(9-12-23)Larry Gonzalez*Anvar Kurbanov*Pawn A Max***(9-11-23)Douglas Rogers Ii*Limeka White*Joe Avila*Steven Collins*Dave Gallus*Kevin GlanceyDorothy Aleshe***(9-8-23)Alexandro Loko*Jesus Martinez*Matt Litten*Javier Garcia*Agboola Bolaji*Talla Dia*Athena Graham*Chris Camp*John Valdivia***(9-7-23)Tony Montoya*Margaret Moya*Anita Luna*Mariaelena Huck*Mike Guerrero***(9-6-23)Spydr Akau*Ralph Tellez*Larisa Pearcy*Marlena Y. Smith*Santo Espinoza*Vaso Tassou*Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas*Nx Cesso*David Eduardo Huerta*Jeanne Zano***(9-5-23)Jackson Omi Melissa*Joseph Valencia*Marcene Wiens*Ricardo Gutierrez*Ayomide Paroo*Ruizz Lesley*Raquel Galvan*Lily Licon***(9-4-23)Michael Spitzer*James McGee*Debbie Wright*Bob Bowlds*Erick Garcia*Iyabo Alausa*Al Gomez*Leticia Reyes***(9-1-23)Wm Hood*Becky Jean*Nomy Box*Border Town CarWash*Crystal Zaldivar*Bennyspawn Zaragoza*Joaquin Rodriguez*Abby Montgomery*Geoff Clark***

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LIVE Broadcast Monday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebraodcast at 8p.m. (Mountain Time)

LIVE Broadcast Wednesday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebraodcast at 7p.m. (Mountain Time)
'70s - '90s Logo
Kint98 Logo
LIVE Broadcast Friday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebroadcast at 5p.m. (Mountain Time)
Text us your song requests for the next Broadcast of this show at
kint98 internet player
  Welcome to NEW Rock Mondays COMEDY Hour with Music Miles & 'Ol Man Winters....
We will be ROCKING your way with the latest rock songs on NEW ROCK Mondays. On this edition we will be featuring new music from:
Bad Wolves.,
Any Given Sin.,
Madame Mayhem,
The 1975,
r FLASHBACK REWIND takes us to a 1984 One Hit Wonder Classic that charted at #80 in the US....
Tune in and find out who it is.
So Join Music Miles and 'Ol Man Winters with great NEW ROCK music, Our CRAZY look at today's news, our Birthday Shoutouts, comedy and more on kint98.com Radio.
Here's the FULL Show.
Our  Rebroadcast for this show will be on Monday
September 25 at 8 pm (Mountain Time
), ONLY on El Paso's,
kint98.com Radio.
Enjoy the show.
Our LIVE Broadcast was on September 25 at 6a.m. (Mountain Time)
Tune in at: http://kint98radio.radio12345.com/
NEW country music
NEW Country Music & Comedy Show, with Music Miles & Buzz,
where we bring you great NEW Country music
for Wednesday, September 27 we are featuring;....
Colby Acuff,
Kassi Valazza,
Mike Bridges,
Dolly Parton (Ft. Linda Perry),
Brian Kelley,
Our FLASHBACK REWIND is a 1997 Country Classic hit that went to #31 on the Charts.....
See who it is...
Tune in on the fun......
 Join Music Miles and Buzz with great comedy in the news, our Birthday Shoutouts, and much more on kint98.com Radio.
Go to kint98.com Radio and tune in! ! !
Here's  the FULL show.
Our rebroadcast of this program will be at 7 pm. (Mountain Time) on Wednesday
 September 27,
ONLY on El Paso's, . . .
Kint98.com Radio.
Enjoy the show.
LIVE Broadcast was on September 27 at 6.a.m. (Mountain Time)
Tune in at: http://kint98radio.radio12345.com/
Hi there and welcome to kint98.com Radio.
Join CRAZY Jay W for the 70s to the 90s Retro Show COMEDY Hour, as he brings you COMEDY, and great retro music from the '70s to the '90s...
CRAZY Jay ROCKS the house with the audience.
Enjoy the Rock Classics as well as his CRAZY look at the news stories, our kint98.com Radio Birthday Shoutouts, and more...
So join in on the fun and laughs, along with our audience, ONLY on kint98.com Radio.
It doesn't get any CRAZIER than this.
Here's The FULL Show....
Our  rebroadcast of this show will be on Friday, 
September 22 at 5pm.
(Mountain Time).
Enjoy the show...
 LIVE Broadcast was on  September 22 at 6a.m. (MST)
Tune In here: https://kint98radio.radio12345.com/
Beans & Burritos
'50s - '70s Show
Beans & Burritos
919 Fabens Rd.
Fabens, Tx.

LIVE Broadcast Thursday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebroadcast at 8p.m. (Mountain Time)

Sounds Of Soul
LIVE Broadcast Sunday's (10-11)a.m. (Mountain)

Will resume at a later time. TBA

LIVE Broadcast Tuesday's (6-7)a.m. (Mountain)
Rebraodcast at 6p.m. (Mountain Time)


'50s - '70s Show

Welcome to the '50s to the '70s COMEDY SUPER Show, with CRAZY Jay and Music Miles.
CRAZY Jay W and Music Miles bring you COMEDY and great songs from the 50s to the 70s.
So enjoy the Great Nostalgic Memories. and rare classics.
Enjoy the Classics as well as their CRAZY HUMOR in the news also with the audience, our Birthday Shoutouts, and much more..
So join in on the fun with the audience ONLY on kint98.com Radio.
Here's The Full Show.....
Our  rebroadcast of this show will be on
 September 28 at 8pm. (Mountain Time);....
ONLY on El Paso's, kint98.com Radio.

Enjoy the Show!!!
LIVE Broadcast was on September 28 at 6a.m. (MST).
Tune in at: http://kint98radio.radio12345.com/
Ghoul Magazine
Ghoul Magazine
Jess interviews Founder Zoe of Ghouls magazine.  A horror magazine from the female perspective as we celebrate International Women's Day.  Learn more about the magazine and check it out at Ghoulsmagazine.com. Enjoy some horror talk....
kint98 internet player
Join Music Miles with the latest in NEW Contemporary Pop, R & B, Techno Dance and more; great new music featuring:
The Empress Malika,
Zara Larsson & David Guetta,
Nicki Minaj,
Diddy, The Weeknd, & French Montana (Ft. 21 Savage),
Anna Aya,
Mr. Moog,
Bakar (Ft. Summer Walker),
DJ Prodigio,
Selena Gomez,
PLUS our FLASHBACK REWIND is a 1988 One Hit Wonder that charted at #20 .....
See who it is.
 ... Enjoy the music, fun and comedy, our kint98.com Radio friends  Birthday shoutouts and more, only on kint98.com Radio.
Here's  the FULL show.
Our rebroadcast of this show will be on September 26 at, 6pm. (Mountain Time)  ONLY on El Paso's, kint98.com Radio...
Enjoy the show!!!
LIVE Broadcast will be on  September 26 at 6a.m. (MST) Tune in at:

World Boba & Coffee
World Boba & Coffee
2500 N. Mesa St. - C
El Paso Tx. 79902
Ruben Ramos - (714)225-6671
David Ramos - (714)920-1606
order by phone: (915) 257-1188
El Paso Fun Fest 2023 
LIVE Broadcast Sunday's (11a.m. - 12 noon)
Will resume at a later time. TBA

Horrorfest Banner

Elpasohorrorfest.com for details
Talk and Rock Radio
Talk & Rock Radio (Rick Kern)
Talk and Rock Radio
Host: Rick Kern
Thursday's at 9p.m. (Mountain Time)

Cunningham Distribution

2015 Mills Ave.

El Paso, Tx.


Household Appliances, Stoves, Ovens Plus Heating/

Air Conditionsing & Plumbing Needs

Sun City Cookies
Dumpsville Pic 1Dumpsville Pic 2
Dumpsville Auto Stylin*Auto Parts*Services*Goods
9416 Montana Ave.
El Paso, Tx.79925

'50s - '70s Show

CHEEZY SATURDAY'S LIVE Broadcast Saturday's (9-10)a.m. (Mountain Time)

Welcome to The Cheesy Show.
Join Music Miles & Jay W.
with a look at the Bubblegum Years back in the day of the Teeny Bopper music craze, along with Classic Commercials, some RARE Cartoon themes you might remember, & more.
Here's The FULL Show.
Our Rebroadcast of this show will be on September 23 at 7pm.(Mountain Time),
you can tune in at kint98.com....

LIVE Broadcast was on Saturday September 23 at  9am.

(Mountain Time),...

Enjoy the show...

Tune in at:  https://kint98radio.radio12345.com/

Postage Depot Inc.

12380 Edgemere Blvd.

El Paso, Tx.


FedEx Authorized Shipping Center


Haunted Daze 
Haunted Daze
200 Carnes
El Paso, Tx
9-29 - 10-31



















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