Product information here with pic.

MicrophoneThis space can be used to show potential customers your services or products. There is no limit on your product discription or pics. However, all are clients  limited to 1 website page to use for their business to suit their needs. You have 3 columns to use to display all your information.

  Left & right columns may be used for your products or services with pictures. The center column can be used to describe your business history and biography, awards, and any other endeavors you may have accomplished in your expertise of your field to help promote your business. Show your product descriptions & information here with pictures.

   As a paid subscriber, you also get a 10 second basic mention of your business broadcasted on our station in rotation. There is no limit of airplay rotation  mentions or spots of your products or services. We DO NOT charge per mention of radio ads. Unlimited rotational radio spots is the way to go, without spending more advertising dollars on per mentioned spots.

**An optional 30 second spot can be produced. The player bar at the bottom can have your business or services radio spot so customers can play it on demand in case they miss the information mentioned in the radio ad. There is an additional fee for this service.  (Please Note Below)

**Please note: The additional cost to produce your 30 second radio spot is an extra one time talent fee is $75.  Should you need to change the 30 second ad, a new $75 talent fee is required.    

MicrophoneMore space here is provided should you need more products or services to show with any pictures you may have.

More product info. here with pic.

MicrophonePlenty of space here to advertise your buisness as you add more products or services here.

You may change your ad as often as you like. You just focus on your business, we insert your ads in here for you.



More product info. here with pic.

More space here should you need to show more product or services as your need arises.















Business history bio info. here with pic.

MicrophoneAs mentioned before, this center column may be used to describe your business history, accomplishments, awards, and so on. A picture of your business may also be placed here.  

The Benefits of "Web Ads".

1. As the popularity of the internet explodes, over 163 million people just in the United States are on-line than ever before. Plus your products are viewed on a global basis. 

2.  You do not need a website to promote your business. We do it here for you.

3. You do not need to learn any computer codes.

4. UNLIMITED on-line radio advertising.

5. Your own business page you can promote.

6. Very low advertising cost.

Here is how "Web Ads" work.

Once your account is set up, we will give you dedicated  web link which you may use to have printed on your business cards, stationary, or any form of media you choose.
For example:
Your account weblink will start with

You the business owner, promote your business ad any way you want.

We do not take any orders for you. We only publish your advertisment.


How much does "Web Ads" cost?

The fee for having this service is $12.50 per month ($150.00 pre-paid annually) . There are no pop up ads to worry about. This is YOUR page that we will update when you send us new information about your product or services at no cost as long as you are a member in good standing.