NEW Click Here for The KKOB schedule shows the New Mexico RMT tests for 2019

 NEW Click Here for The Texas RMT schedule (courtesy of - This link gets you to where you create your own user account, for the FCC test reporting system. - This link gets you to the FCC Public Notice about the 2017 National EAS Test.  This notice contains these links, as well. - This link gets you to where you fill out Forms 1, 2, & 3.  You'll also find a link to the EAS 2017 Operating Handbook.

Check here if your Wireless System Qualifies for The 600Mhz WIreless Trade-in



Welcome to SBE 38

Here's what happens when you spill coffee on a broadcast console while being LIVE on-air. Take a listen.  

eas meetingeas meetingdialighttom amador

Here are the pics from our last SBE38 Meeting on 3-12-19

Our Guest Tom Amador from Dialight discusses the NEW technology of LED lighting on Towers.

They are cost effective and low energy consumption.


ISDN has gone Bye-Bye. Click Here for a link for you to get an ISDN Sunset e-Book at no charge. 





Exam Dates Location Application Deadline
September 11, 2014

NAB Radio Show

Indianapolis, Ind.


August 29, 2014

October 12, 2014

AES convention

Los Angeles, Calif.

September 19, 2014
November 7-17, 2014 Local Chapters October 6, 2014
February 6-16, 2015 Local Chapters December 31, 2014
April 14, 2015

Exams at the

NAB Show

March 20, 2015
June 5-15, 2015 Local Chapters April 10, 2015
August 7-17, 2015 Local Chapters June 5, 2015
November 6-16, 2015 Local Chapters October 2, 2015

CRO/CTO Testing Procedures

You may order the operator handbooks from the SBE Bookstore. Once you have completed studying a handbook, you may fill in the application for certification included in the back of the handbook. You have one year from the purchase date of the handbook to take the exam, and your deadline will be clearly stamped on the application. These exams are given by a special designated proctor or a local SBE chapter. Membership in the SBE is not required for operator certification. The cost of certification testing is included in the price of the handbook.
The Certified Radio or Television Operator Exam: Exams consist of 50 multiple-choice questions based entirely on the material in the handbooks. Each exam is computer-selected from a pool of questions, and every exam is unique. The exam questions cover essentially the same material as the questions in the sample exam found in the back of each handbook.


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